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Hollywood Window Tinting

Less Glare, More Energy and Lots of Savings

window tinting in Hollywood

When buying houses or automobiles, people put a lot of thought into what the window glasses are made of. They emphasize on strength and stability rather than internal properties. What these people realize afterward is that another thing needed to be considered while fitting the windows, sunlight and its effect on them. Many of the times, the sunlight glares too brightly and make people uncomfortable during the summer and anytime they are driving.

As a solution, they then resort to curtains for the houses and apply sunscreen or wear long sleeved clothes during driving. But these are not always a viable option. Because resorting to these solutions mean more energy is being used to light the houses and as a result more money is spent. Window tinting, in this case, is the best solution anyone can adopt is to install window tinting. Window films solve all the aforementioned problems without making the environment devoid of natural light.

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What is Window Tinting? :

Hollywood Window Tinting or window films are one of the most under-appreciated features and is often forgotten while setting glasses for houses or while buying automobiles. They are nothing but a thin polyester film fitted to the interior of windows so that the harmful rays of the sun cannot get in. Different kinds of films can be fitted depending on a wide variety of necessities such as heat and glare reduction, UV filtration, thermal insulation etc.

During the summer, the sun’s glare becomes too much and can make the normal temperature of the room very high. This makes the overall environment very uncomfortable and if this happens in the office during work hours, it hampers the normal work harmony between the colleagues. So, if window tinting is done by installing anti-glare window films, heat is considerably reduced and makes the environment normal.

Glare Reducing Window Films:

Whether it is the summer or the winter, the sunlight and its glare can always be a problem. The sun’s glare makes it hard to focus on anything particular because the light gets in the eye and flashes out the view. It makes everything starting from reading to watching T.V. to doing any work on the computer difficult.

Previously, people used to secure window blinds as a mean to reduce glare. But this solution blocks out all the light from the room making it dark and difficult to see. As a result, more light bulbs have to be fitted around the room to illuminate the room and continue with normal work which in turn makes it an impractical solution. Instead, installing window film is a much more feasible and sensible solution.

Most people think that window tinting in Hollywood only blocks out the harmful UV rays of the sun. But in reality, there are different kinds of window films with different kinds of properties which can be installed depending on a particular sine qua non. These window films reduce the sun’s glare while letting in ample amount of light to continue normal day-to-day activities. Window films with this feature are particularly required for workplace and offices because the sun’s glare affects the daily work when it directly falls on the eye.



Saving Energy:

According to the laws of thermodynamics, a few degrees in temperature reduction reduces the cooling costs by up to 25%. It takes a huge amount of energy to cool a room through air conditioning and so turning off an entire unit can reduce the energy cost by a whole lot. In conditions like these, everyone looks for a solution that would be feasible for both the summer and the winter without the additional cost. Most of the time they look towards air conditioning and heaters, two separate engines for two separate seasons. But there is actually a better cost-effective solution to this.

These are window films which are installed solely keeping in mind the matter of energy cost. These heat energy saving window films reflects a portion of the solar energy while letting in another portion. As a result, considerably less amount of solar energy enters the room. And the best part is that in addition to controlling the solar energy that enters the room, it also significantly reduces the sun’s glare and blocks 99% of the UV rays that is the leading cause of skin cancer.

Regulating Heat:

Windows are an important part of a house which is fitted considering which one of the sunlight-related problems they want to solve. Now when it comes to heat during the summer, a lot of people resort installing air conditioning in their homes or their cars. This not only wastes energy but also isn’t really cost effective.

A better way people can regulate heat, not only during the summer but also during the winter is by fitting window tints on all windows. There is a common misconception that window tinting in Hollywood  only reduces the amount of heat that gets in during the summer. But it also lets in more heat during the winter. Everything happens according to the laws of thermodynamics. So installing window films will help regulate the heat from the sunlight all throughout the year in addition to making your life better, safer and much more comfortable. It’ll help you keep your skin safe from the harmful UV rays and from old age skin cancer.

Savings through Window Tinting:

It is pretty hard to convince people to install window tinting on their windows even after they are made aware of all the health related complications it may create. This is because the health problems don’t immediately show and so the thought alone doesn’t prompt anyone to take immediate measures. But what does prompt them to fit window tinting is when they hear that it reduces the electricity bill and that it is probably one of the most cost-effective solutions out there.

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If we consider what window tinting is mostly required for, it is to block out all the UV rays. So doing this reduces a lot of skin related conditions for example sunburns and even skin cancers. It reduces the sun’s glare and so cataracts don’t form to those who has to sit beside a window for a long time. Moreover, window tinting regulates the heat that comes in and goes out of the room and so air conditioning or heaters doesn’t need to be bought. Other than these, it also helps to keep the furnishings in the room intact. This basically means that installing window

films will reduce the added money spent behind buying air conditioning or heaters and so ultimately the electricity bill comes down. Also, regular furnishings around the house will also not be needed. Only those who pay for these things will understand how cost-effective and beneficial it is to replace these machines with window tinting.

Overall Benefits:

Window tinting is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire comfort in different aspects of our lives. Because when it comes to windows, of households, offices, and automobiles, they are installed for the betterment of our lives but they bring a lot more discontent with it. Window tinting in this aspect eradicates all of this discomfort and in addition to that improve the aesthetics also.


The most important feature of window tinting is that it blocks out all the harmful UV rays of the sun. This reduces tanning, sunburns, and skin conditions and since no direct radiation falls on the skin, the DNA of the skin remains safe from any harm. This is particularly important because no harm to the DNA means no mutation of genes which means a considerable reduction in the chance of getting skin cancer. In addition to that, window tinting reduces the sun’s glare, helps regulate heat and minimizes energy use and cost.

Home window tinting

Home window tinting


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Hollywood window tinting

Hollywood Window Tinting

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window tinting in Hollywood

window tinting in Hollywood

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