310 TINTING UV Window Tinting Skin Cancer and Sun Tanning Relationship

UV Window Tinting Skin Cancer and Sun Tanning Relationship


One of the most common pastimes of people who live near the beach is sunbathing under the sun. These people go to the beach to get a sun tan which they think makes them look better. In the absence of the beach or ample sunlight, people go to different salons to get artificial tanning by going directly under the UV ray. But what these people don’t know is that, however, good it might make a person look, it is still extremely harmful to the skin.

Most people are not aware of these harmful effects of tanning. But those who still carry misconceptions with them.


window tinting in Hollywood

Window Tinting in Hollywood

Window Tinting:

Window tinting is basically a process where a thin polyester film is attached to the interior of the windows, be it to the windows of the home or to that of automobiles. It is made of polyester to ensure clarity, strength, stability and surface related tractions. Window tinting or the window films basically let the sunlight in by filtering out its harmful UV rays.

Much emphasis is given on installing it on windows by doctors because the effect of UV rays on the skin and for our immune system is fatal. Moreover, non-tinted windows cannot reduce the sun’s glare or regulate the heat within the room which makes even every-day work uncomfortable to do. It is not only important to install these window films to save ourselves from a life of pain but it is also required to keep our furniture and furnishings intact. The harmful rays of the sun have no end to its destruction, it not only makes our lives difficult on top of that it makes our surroundings harsh for us to actually live in.

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UV Rays of the Sun:

“The sunlight contains Vitamin-D” is a common phrase we have all heard countless times in our lives. To some people, bathing under the sun brings nothing but this good nutrient for the skin. But what nobody ever talks about is how much UV ray reaches our body through the sunlight and how detrimental that is for our immune system. The only reason this happens is because most people are unaware that something like this even exists.

The UV rays of the sun are of three types- UV A, UV B and UV C. Among them, the UV C is blocked by the Ozone layer that surrounds the Earth. But the other two reaches the Earth in the same way visible light reaches it. This UV A and UV B rays are extremely harmful to our skin because they directly affect the DNA of the skin and mutate it. This causes skin cancer and all sorts of skin conditions.



UV Rays and Skin Cancer:

UV radiation is so pernicious for the skin that the World Health Organization (WHO) have identified UV radiation as a human carcinogen. It is in fact, considered the main reason behind non-melanoma skin cancer and is said to play a part in the deadliest skin cancer, melanoma skin cancer.

Most skin cancers are said to have occurred in the epidermis of the skin. UV A radiation which accounts for up to 95% of the total radiation has been proved to have played the biggest part in it. On the other hand, UV B rays are 30 to 50 times less prevalent in the rays yet it plays a key role in the development of skin cancer.

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UV Rays and Sun Tanning:

Sun tanning or simply tanning is a process where the skin is darkened or tanned with the help of the UV rays of the sun or artificial instruments like sun lamps. Despite being one of the most harmful things one can do to their skins, it is still very popular among a lot of people.

The dominant tanning ray among the two is the UV A ray. This is also the same ray used in sun lamps. It injures the skin’s DNA in an attempt to tan the skin. This damage mounts for a while until it leads to skin cancer. UV B ray, on the other hand, is the main reason behind skin reddening and sunburns. It doesn’t play a direct role in creating skin cancers but it helps to develop it by attacking the superficial epidermal layers of the skin.



How does Window Tinting Work?

Window tinting or window films basically filter out the UV rays and let pass only the safe light rays of the sun. This also reduces the glare of the sunlight and the heat coming into the room or the car. Since it filters out all the UV rays, so the rays that do come through don’t tan the skin or create any skin damage.

Solar radiation is basically divided into three type- visible light, infrared rays, and ultraviolet or UV rays. Among them, the UV ray is the only harmful one. The wavelength of UV rays is 10 nm to 380 nm. The window films that are fitted ranges from 380 nm to 500 nm. Hence, the films easily block the UV rays and in addition to that, extra features of the film also help regulate the heat during both the summer and the winter.

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Long Term Benefits:

According to home and car furnishers, one of the most important yet under-appreciated attributes that should be added to the windows is window tinting. They recommend this feature because not only is it good for people’s skin, it is also important for the overall wellbeing of the people. Moreover, it helps to regulate the heat within the room or the car and keeps the furnishings intact.

We all know by now that UV rays affect the DNA of the skin and mutate it. Slowly this mutation turns into skin cancer. Because the transition is so slow, most of the people don’t suspect it. But if window films are installed beforehand, one does not even have to spend time suspecting anything. They can be sure that their chances of contracting skin cancer have reduced considerably. Actually, most types of old age skin related problems can be easily avoided with the help of window tinting.

Another beneficial aspect of window tinting is its ability to reduce the sun’s glare which saves us a suffering from cataracts. It also reduces destruction in furnishings around the house improves the thermal insulation in it. All in all, window tinting is a cost-effective method which is nothing short of beneficial for us.

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window tinting in Hollywood

window tinting in Hollywood

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window tinting Hollywood

window tinting Hollywood

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