310 TINTING Window tinting best children’s shades now for car or home glass applications

Window tinting best children’s shades now for car or home glass applications

window tinting in Hollywood

People usually don’t give much thought to tinting their windows, be it on their cars, in their homes or even their commercial buildings.

West Hollywood window tinting

West Hollywood window tinting

But this unappreciated service is one of the most unique ways to achieve several things: safety, security, power efficiency and ultimately, energy conservation. Face Window Tinting provides unrivalled tinting and solar film services for residential and commercial buildings, as well as paint protection and window tinting for automobiles.

There are many reasons why customers shop around for window tinting services in today’s market. Let’s explore some of the top drivers of this business, and the direct and indirect implications on the consumer’s health and wealth.

West Hollywood window tinting North Hollywood

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Residential window tinting in Hollywood

Residential window tinting in Hollywood

  • For Automobiles

When you have to drive through a hot summer morning to get to work, and then back home again in the sweltering afternoon sun, you won’t realize how much gas the air-conditioning this is really costing you. Besides the monetary impact, an un-tinted car window can let several types of harmful solar radiation affect your precious skin. And how about those sun faded dashboards – wouldn’t you do anything to avoid those unseemly patches where the sun seems to have burned through the coating? Most people would.


  • For Residential Buildings

People are constantly looking for efficient ways to cut their light bills, and though several products exist that can reduce consumption at source, nothing does it in style like tinting your windows to keep out the harsh sunlight and heat. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer having windows that you can look out of but no one can peep through?


west Hollywood window tinting

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window tinting in Hollywood

window tinting in Hollywood

  • For Commercial Buildings

Green buildings of today require a whole lot more than rainwater harvesting or solar panels to get them really green. Tinting or glazing your windows can save thousands of dollars every year in grid power. The obvious choice here is dealing with the areas that let in the most heat – the windows; specially the East or West-facing ones. And what about keeping vandalism at bay? How about guarding your external surfaces from the ravages of graffiti?




commercial window tinting in Hollywood

commercial window tinting in Hollywood

  • Window Tinting – A General Perspective

Auto Face Window Tinting has its practicability and its uses. First and foremost, having your auto window tinted improves its physical looks, and secondly it protects your car’s interior. Having a window tint will protect your leather seats from damages that are caused by prolonged exposure to the sunlight which can cause discoloration in your leather seats, or cause brittleness and cracks in the leather seats or interior.

Auto window tints are also offered and sold in various grades and shades. There is even a law that regulates the darkness of window tints. So before selecting any auto tint it is advisable that you consult a professional to avoid any future problems with the law. It is also advisable not to buy do-it-yourself tints. It is one of the most common mistakes you can make and simply a waste of your hard earned cash.


 North Hollywood window tinting

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window tinting in Hollywood with UV seal protection

window tinting in Hollywood

  • Window tinting by professionals

Having your auto window tint done by professionals will make it scratch resistant and it won’t peel off unlike those do-it-yourself auto tints that peel off after a while. Aside from the protection given by the window tints, cleaning your leather interiors regularly with specialized products will protect it from any damages beyond your control. These products can be bought at any automotive suppliers in your neighborhood.

Knowing or hiring a professional in installing your tinting will guarantee your money’s worth, or provide you with an installation warranty which can beneficial to you or your future purchasers. Professional car detailers also repair damaged leather seats or interiors. This is a good place to bring your old rundown vehicles which have leathers seats that are still in good condition. You can also get discounts from cosmetic car detailers specifically in repairing or reupholstering leathers seats or interiors.

You can have your car have various customized upgrades to your car which are also done by cosmetic detailers. You can have you window tint in the same shade as that of your car’s interior and exterior whichever way you like. These are additional touches one can add to their vehicles to provide it with a unique look and design unlike most cars.


In cars, only the laminated windshield comes with both UVB and UVA protection. The side and back windows allow in more than 60 percent of UVA rays.

window tinting in Hollywood

window tinting in Hollywood

Research has shown that UV damage is more extensive on the side of the body closer to the window; long-time drivers also have rougher, slacker, more wrinkled skin on their window side.

Babies and young children — who have little protective skin pigment — often sit in back, where none of the glass (even darker glass found in SUVs and mini-vans) offers adequate UVA protection.

Fortunately, UVA-filtering window film can go a long way to prevent skin damage. Combining UVA absorbers in varying strengths, the transparent films are available from clear to dark tints for vehicles’ side and back windows in all 50 states; it screens out more than 99 percent of UVA and UVB without reducing visibility.


West Hollywood window tinting car auto truck SUV

window tinting west Hollywood


Finally, other drivers choose tinted windows because too much sunlight can damage a car’s interior. For drivers, choosing tinted windows is easier than ever. Many new cars today can be purchased with tinting films already in place. Film is also available after purchase to customize a car to the driver’s preferred look. For example, it is common to see pickup trucks with a variety of tinted images in the rear window.


hollywood window tinting

Hollywood window tinting

Before drivers decide to customize their vehicle though, they need to be aware of the legality of window tinting in their area. Not all states allow window tinting. Drivers may have to pay a fine if they customize their windows and tint them darker than their state allows. It may seem unreasonable, but there are actually many reasons why some local governments ban the use of tinted vehicle windows. First, police officers need to be able to see clearly into a vehicle during a traffic stop. Tinted windows may make this impossible or difficult. Some states ban tinted windows because their officials believe them to be a potentially dangerous distraction on the road. The theory is that drivers may temporarily lose their focus on the road if they are suddenly distracted by the fact that they cannot see the face of a driver in a car with tinted windows.


Window tint is a matter of personal preference, and there is no consensus on what level or type of tint is best. But there is consensus that drivers must study the legality of window tinting in their particular states before making any tinting decisions.


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blast the heat in west Hollywood window tinting

west Hollywood window tinting

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Residential window tinting in Hollywood

Residential window tinting in Hollywood

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Residential window tinting in Hollywood

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window tinting Hollywood

window tinting Hollywood

Window Tinting Tips and Know how

window tinting in Hollywood

window tinting in Hollywood

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310 TINTING Window tinting best children’s shades now for car or home glass applications
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