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Window Tinting Los Angeles

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields Reveals Skin Cancer Scare

Brooke Shields, the American actress who got popularity and became famous over the night for her controversial role in “Pretty Baby” recently had a dreadful moment when she noticed a spot over her face. Luckily, for her it was pre-cancerous. She loved baking in the sun and frequently did it. She had said this fact many times over the record. Sun tanning can be hobby of many youngsters but it is extremely dangerous as we shall discuss below.  Brooke Shields revealed in an interview that the cancer scare really ‘got her’ and that she would never do tan bathing in the sun.


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window tinting in Los Angeles

Promoting sunscreen and installing window tinting

window tinting Los Angeles

window tinting Los Angeles

Brooke Shields also relentlessly promotes sunscreens and other forms of protections from the sun such as window tinting. She said that she first thought of promoting sunscreens keeping in mind her two kids and also showing care for her fans all over the world. She also admits that she slathers the faces of her daughters with sunscreens every single day. She also acknowledges the harms of sun heat and goes all out in promotions for a better and healthy planet.




Lets talk about heat control and glare reduction

car window tinting in HollywoodHeat control and glare control are the two of the most important features of window tinting. Glare is extremely undesired because of the vision problems it can give while you are driving your car. It is recommended by experts that you tint your window glasses to block out glare and also wear sunglasses. Glare can cause accidents and it has caused many. With window tinting, you block out both glare and heat and stay safe and secure. Period.



 there is nothing healthy about tan



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The downsides of sun tanning:

Residential window tinting in Hollywood

Residential window tinting in Hollywood

As in the case of Brooke Shields, sun tanning can cost you life and make it dreadful.  Sun tanning also can cause you heat cramps, heat burns and various other dangerous conditions associated with heat and sun. It is shown in a scientific study that people who use tanning beds are increasing their chances of skin cancer by 75 percent, albeit unconsciously. So, you need to avoid tanning beds and all types of artificial tanning and natural tanning systems.  Sun tanning can also give you wrinkles, brown spots and make you appear aged.





Not tinting your windows is welcoming many dangers:

window Tinting In Beverly Hills

window Tinting In Beverly Hills

As we all know, skin is the largest sense organ in our body and it is a breathing organ. It is an established fact that skin cancer is the most common forms of all cancers with melanoma being the deadliest form of them.  Along with the UV rays, sun lamps and tanning beds also are found to be some of the agents causing skin cancer. So, you should pretty much avoid buying or using them. When you tint your windows, you are doing yourself and your loved ones a favor and you should be proud of it. It is so important that dermatologists as well recommend window tinting. In your car, the dangerous UV radiations (both UVA and UVB) enter from the side glasses and also from the rear glass windows. So you should tint all your glasses at once without giving a second thought.


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Glare can be disastrous:

Los Angeles window tinting

Los Angeles window tinting

Glare is caused by too much light and excessive contrast. Glare is extremely dangerous particularly while driving. It is one of the major causes of accidents all over the world in day light. Glare is blocked out when window tinting comes into play. As it effective blocks out the penetrations of sunlight, tinting can be credited for heat control and glare control both, thus can also be credited for saving thousands of deaths and millions of injuries all over the world. It is also recommended to wear sunscreen and sunglasses while driving along with window tinting installation to block out almost all the dangers that could be caused by glare.


Window tinting Los Angeles


The upsides of home window tinting:

As in the case of Brooke Shields and many other celebrities who got skin cancer or pre cancerous scares, they all would be willing and promoting the importance of window tinting. First off, it reduces your chances of getting skin cancer drastically by blocking out UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. It also keeps yourself and your family healthy and happy in the long run. It effectively reduces 99 percent of heat and glare. Perhaps it is the best investment you can make to your house and your family. We should pledge to spread the awareness of window tinting till reaches every part of this world. Then, certainly we can be proud that we saved millions of lives.



Window Tinting In West Los Angles


You can install tint yourself (DIY):

Yes, you heard it right. It is indeed doable. Although, we don’t recommend tinkering with it. We advocate getting professional help, if you feel clumsy doing it. Otherwise, you can always go ahead. First step is cleaning your car’s window and thereby removing dust. After letting the window dry up, open the tint and carefully stick the adhesive part of the tint to your window. Utmost care should be taken here not to damage the adhesive. Which is why we reckon you to seek professional help. Also, if you are doing it by yourself, watch some DIY (Do It Yourself) videos online and read some articles on how to tint your windows. We also suggest to have one or two friends at your disposal to provide you help.


Window Tinting Is the best Window glass treatment of his kind




Costing/Pricing of the tint:

The pricing and costs of the tint depend on what type of tint you would want to install. It also depends on your considerations, whether you are considering car window tinting or residential window tinting. It is dependent on the type and size of the tint glass window. There are numerous and specific types of tints available for you. We recommend visiting your nearest window tinting professional service and inquiring . Also, you can check online for nearby service shops. If you are in and around Los Angeles, consider 310 TINTING as they offer premium window tinting. It is one of the best tinting service available.



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Window tinting is big business:

As people are starting to come to terms with the dangers of UV radiations, they are increasingly having their window glasses tinted. Even bus windows and all other automobile windows are being tinted. It is a niche business growing exponentially. The technology used in tinting process is improving and elevating day by day. Hence, without further ado, we recommend you to tint all the glasses of your car, office and home to secure yourself and your loved ones from the harms of the sun. If you happen to be in and around Los Angeles, then look no further than 310 TINTING wherein you get professional service guaranteed.



310 TINTING – Applications we provide:

Residential window tinting in Los Angeles

Residential window tinting in Los Angeles

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window tinting Beverly Hills

window tinting Beverly Hills

Because sunburn is not a healthy tan

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car window tinting in Los Angeles

car window tinting in Los Angeles

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